At Buzz Strategic Concepts we are committed to delivering quality project outcomes. We are proud of what we are able to achieve through working in partnership with our clients.

We are passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic. These characteristics shine through on every project we work on.

I have worked with Shaneene Jones on a major infrastructure project both during construction and promoting the success of the project when completed.

Shaneene’s experience in corporate communications, coupled with her energy and enthusiasm, personal touch and sense of humour, has made her a dynamic and high-performing person. Not only does she produce high-quality outcomes, she also has a method of drawing out the best of others around her.

Shaneene is able to put forward excellent work that satisfies the client brief and also listens and includes suggestions for improvement, which she then will further enhance.

Working with Shaneene has been a great experience and I thoroughly recommend her work.

MWF Logo Giles Rinckes
Project Director - Macarthur Wind Farm



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